3 Reasons You Should Care About Google Authorship

Google Authorship CreditI have a question for you: why are you writing articles and blog entries on the web?  For some of you it’s because you just want to tell us what’s in your head.  For a lot of you, it’s about generating interest, traffic, and visibility for you and your business.  So if someone offered you a free billboard or featured ad everywhere you left a flyer would you turn them down?  Of course not – but are you using this free attention grabber from Google to get people to come to your site and look at your content???  If not, you’re just thumbing your nose at a fabulous opportunity to stand out in search results.

In late June 2011, Google introduced authorship – the ability to be featured with a picture for the articles and blog entries your publish on the web that have your byline.

What does this mean?  Take a look at this picture:

 Google Authorship Search Results


Google Authorship means that your content gets to be associated with a photo in the middle of a bunch of text search results.  And guess what?  Photos draw people’s attention A LOT more than text ever will.

Not only that, but Google will offer up on the Authorship listing a link to all the other content you’ve connected with your byline, like this:

Google Authorship Search Listing

That means, people can find ALL the great stuff you’ve written anywhere on the web.  How about that for visibility!

So how do you set this up?  It’s really pretty easy – and the process depends on your website code.  There are PLENTY of blog entries on how to set this up including Google Authorship Help, so I’m not going to belabor that point (just go to search and type in ‘how to setup google authorship on xxxx’ where xxxx is your website code platform).  At a high level it’s the process of connecting your Google + profile (yes, you must play in Google’s sandbox if you want to get the goods) with your blog site with your blog entry.  You can do that with code, shortcode, links on the Google + profile, and domain-based email addresses or a combination – depends on your website.

Why Should You Care About Google Authorship?

  1. You get great visibility for yourself, your business, and your content
  2. You get more traffic to your website – that should mean more business unless your website isn’t serving you
  3. Google is going to build on this so be ready for stuff like Author Rank

What are you waiting for?  Let people know about the valuable content you’re creating, get some thought leadership credit and some badly needed visibility to generate more business – get busy and put this in place!